Localization, adaptation, transcreation… Your words and ideas in other languages. Word Factor’s network of highly skilled interpreters can help you to communicate with people from different countries at conferences and events.


The interpreter sits in a booth, listening to the speakers and relaying their words to the audience in a different language. This service provides interpretation in real-time. We also provide the booths and receivers necessary for simultaneous translation. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll take it from there.


The interpreter takes notes and uses the speaker’s pauses to relay the message in a different language. The interpreter and speaker take turns in order to communicate effectively to the audience in their own language.

Companion interpretation services

The interpreter works alongside one or more foreign visitors to a company or event, accompanying the speaker anywhere language interpretation is needed.

Telephone interpreting

The interpreter is part of 3-way phone conversation to help the speakers effectively communicate in situations where they do not share a common language.

We have experience interpreting for a number of industries, including finance, politics, diplomacy, business, and education..



We communicate your written ideas in other languages and to different cultures.



We offer on or off site, specialized lessons based on your language needs.


How can we help you?

Let us be your ears and voice in other languages.

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