We break down language barriers and allow you to grow your international presence by communicating each message effectively and in a culturally appropriate way, based on the nuances of each language.

Localizing a text means adapting your message to the cultural setting while also considering the connotations and meanings of the message within each region, country, or audience. We tailor your message to your audience based on their cultural identity, rather than the text’s author or place of origin.

In today’s global business world, localization introduces a product, idea, or campaign to a group of people using the nuances of their language. We reshape the message for the consumer, avoiding translationese.


We communicate your written ideas not just in other languages, but also in different cultures. Each member of our team of specialized translators has real-life experience in the target country and is a native speaker of the target language, allowing you to reach your audience in the language they understand best.



We express your spoken words and ideas in other languages. Word Factor’s network of professional interpreters masters a wide variety of topics to help you communicate with audiences at global conferences and events.


Language Classes

We offer specialized lessons when and where you need them


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